businesswoman with dementiaRemembering the Past

Many of our clients at Simplify Senior Living have been diagnosed with dementia and a large portion of them reside in Memory Care Communities. Our team has found that remembering life as it was years ago is a great source of comfort for these clients. Typically, a person with dementia is more able to recall things from many years ago than from recent memories. We encourage them to share life experiences, memories, and stories from the past to help boost their confidence and self-worth.

A Businesswoman in Memory Care

Caroline*, a client of Simplify Senior Living living with dementia, was a very successful businesswoman for over 45 years.  When spending time with her, our team has noticed that she becomes anxious or uncomfortable in certain situations. When this happens, her mind tends to go into “work” mode. 

Why might this be? 

In Caroline’s mind, work is a place where she is in control and can handle any circumstance. It’s a place that is familiar, where she feels most comfortable. That’s why when we spend time with Caroline and sense that she is distressed or unsettled, we seek to bring her back to this place of familiarity. 

Providing Companionship and Emotional Support

Our primary goal when working with Caroline is to provide companionship and emotional support. Oftentimes, she just wants someone to accept her reality, understand her thought process and reassure her that everything will be alright. Our team of dementia caregivers provides this comfort for Caroline. 

A Familiar Space

Recently, we came across a spacious room at the facility where Caroline lives. The room has a large table where Caroline can sit and enjoy a coffee while reading the newspaper. This reminds Caroline of the office space and boardrooms from her past. A simple change of scenery allows her to feel safe and cared for, and when someone feels cared for, the world becomes a lot less scary. 

Simplify Senior Living recognizes that caring for someone with a cognitive disorder is a unique journey. We take pride in getting to know our clients and their families well enough to be able to assess what type of needs they have. 

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*Names changed to keep client confidentiality