A Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia Care

Dementia CareGood quality of life is especially important for older adults who are dealing with chronic health conditions, cognitive issues, and major life changes. Emotional support and quality companionship can ease the transition when older adults are experiencing these life changes.

Simplify Senior Living serves clients who reside in their own home or independent living, assisted living, memory care and personal care facilities.

Caring for someone with a cognitive disorder is a unique journey. The caregivers at Simplify Senior Living can make a meaningful difference.

Loretta and her team of caregivers believe compassion, connection, and emotional support are key to helping your loved one be healthy and happy.

When we understand, we care. When we care, we help.

Tips for Caregivers and Families of People with Dementia

  • Everyone desires and deserves RESPECT, DIGNITY, and EQUALITY. It is how we all wish to be treated.
  • See the WHOLE person.
  • Look for STRENGTHS rather than deficits.
  • Dementia-friendly environments are better for EVERYONE.
  • Match YOUR speed to THEIR speed.
  • Demonstrate MORE, talk LESS.
  • Ask, then let THEM decide. This one or that one? Now or later? Honoring their choices builds TRUST.
  • Living their truth helps to create moments of JOY.
  • Your mood is CONTAGIOUS. Attitude is EVERYTHING.
  • What you DO for me, you TAKE AWAY from me.
  • Show empathy, respect, and unconditional POSITIVE regard.
  • Always remember, an individual is a person FIRST who happens to have a diagnosis of dementia.

What is a Care Partner?

A care partner’s role is to facilitate where care is needed in order to encourage independence and self-respect.

Care partners recognize that they are working together; caretakers focus more on accomplishing the task. Care partners are people and relationship-oriented. This approach is geared towards helping the person diagnosed feel enabled, valued, and socially confident – all while encouraging self-worth.

Meaningful Activities for Dementia Patients

The goal of dementia caregivers should be to make daily life meaningful and purposeful. Daily activities should be impactful, not a diversion.

Examples of meaningful activities:

  • Spend time in NATURE. Getting outside for 10-20 MINUTES in the fresh air and natural scenery is a great mood booster. It can also increase short-term memory and even improve depression.
  • ART THERAPY can slow the pace of cognitive decline while also reducing anxiety, depression, anger and/or sadness.
  • SENSORY and TACTILE STIMULATION through hobbies or crafts helps someone with dementia to express themselves creatively. This type of activity is especially helpful for people who have a difficult time with verbal communication.

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