Difficult Conversations with Aging Parents

Getting older can be scary. Aging leads to a lot of major changes for people, both physical and emotional. One of the most difficult conversations to have with your aging parents is convincing them that they need help. These conversations aren’t always welcome because your parents are confused and afraid to lose their independence.

How to Encourage Your Aging Parent to Accept Help

Welcoming a new person into your home and accepting their help can be very difficult. This makes people feel like they are no longer in control. No one wants to feel like they are losing their freedom to think and do for themselves. This is where the family members find themselves in the position of convincing an aging parent to accept some help and support. 

Below are a few strategies that Simplify Senior Living suggests to keep in mind when convincing an elderly parent that they need help:

  • Stay positive.
  • Let them have control and autonomy.
  • Provide options.
  • Seek help from family and close friends.
  • Pick and choose your battles.

A Perfect Match

When we first met Donna, she had recently lost her husband and was living alone in their family home. She was very reluctant to have anyone come into her home to help her and insisted that she was doing fine on her own. 

When Donna’s family convinced her to accept help and she met her Senior Concierge, the chemistry was instant! They instantly bonded and shared so many interests. They even had the same sense of humor. Donna had found a companion and friend who she could enjoy so many activities with – shopping, playing cards, cooking, and walking her dog. 

Donna’s companion helped her set up and travel to her doctor’s appointments and hair appointments. She also helped her with household projects and organizing. Donna originally agreed to one afternoon a week, but soon was asking for 3-4 afternoons.. Donna would even joke and ask if her companion could move in.

When Simplify Senior Living works with our senior clients, we are providing so much more than help around the house. We don’t just check the boxes on a task list. We get to know our clients and their families, so we are able to offer the best services needed.

We foster lasting relationships that help enhance the quality of life for our clients.