dementia and lonelinessA Beautiful Love Story

One of our very special clients, Brenda, lives in Memory Care and has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. The love story of her and her husband is so beautiful. The close bond that the two of them have shared for so many years makes living apart extremely difficult and causes Brenda tremendous anxiety. 

Sadly so many people suffering from dementia are lonely and scared. They lose touch with friends and, sometimes, even their family members. People who were once in their inner circle begin alienating themselves because they are unsure how to react or what to say.

Isolated and Lonely

Oftentimes in Memory Care Communities, people living with dementia can be surrounded by people and yet still feel emotionally isolated and lonely. Loretta spends a lot of their time together reassuring her and reminding her of all the wonderful memories she had with her husband. This reassurance and friendship can be life-changing for people with cognitive brain disorders. Loretta can always tell when sharing memories start to make Brenda feel better. They then turn on her favorite music (usually the Beach Boys) and sing and laugh together like old friends.

Not Typically a Joiner

Brenda is not typically a joiner. Loretta was able to convince her to join the morning session where the residents read and discuss the “Perk” with the other residents. During this time, they also do the activities that she has always enjoyed, like word searches and puzzles.  

Previously, it was not uncommon for Brenda to miss community meals and she often preferred to eat alone in her room. Loretta was able to find a group of ladies that sat together in the dining room and convinced Brenda to join the group. She was reluctant at first, but with some encouragement and with her by her side, she joined the table. She now looks forward to eating lunch and dinner in the dining room. The group of residents that sit together at this table is now known as the “Ladies Table” and Brenda is a proud member of the group.

Afternoons in Memory Care

Afternoons are usually quieter in most senior communities. There are fewer activities which is when loneliness and boredom often set in. This is a perfect opportunity to spend “one-on-one” time with our clients. Brenda loves being read to and looking through old photo albums – reminiscing about beautiful memories. 

Brenda usually likes to connect with family members in the late afternoon to say hello. Using her cell phone can be difficult, but Loretta is happy to assist.  The smile on her face, when she hears loved ones’ voices, is amazing.   

Simplify Senior Living Builds Lasting Relationships

The caregivers at Simplify Senior Living take pride in building relationships with our clients to make them feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Our goal is to make them feel like they are spending time with a family member or close friend. And although many live in Memory Care Communities, we still want them to feel like they are strong and independent.