I cannot say enough about Simplify Senior Living. Loretta has cared for both of my parents and created a bond that is like the best kind of family. She is kind, gentle, knowing and loving with a huge understanding of dementia. Her approach is as a companion and friend, and treats my mom with such dignity and grace. She gives my mom appropriate respect, autonomy and independence with gently support and care. She is always there when we need her. Loretta has helped me manage one of the hardest times in my life and has been such a good friend to me in my time of need. I cannot possibly imagine managing my parents end stages without her help and guidance. I love and recommend her tremendously!


My mother has early dementia. I was really at a loss who to hire. I wanted someone to really go the second mile to make her feel special, and that she isn’t defined by her limitations. Loretta and her team truly helped my mother find meaning and purpose in her life again. She practiced using the cellphone and computer, reorganized her personal files, and did house planting and other lite decorating. Every time she completed a project, she felt more confidence. I can’t say enough about this wonderful service.

Deborah N.

Loretta brings expertise and passion to her job every day. She has tremendous knowledge of seniors’ needs, care, and lifestyle. She has excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. She is highly interactive with her clients establishing rapport and trust.  She can be trusted with sensitive and confidential information.  My friend and neighbor can remain in her home because of the support and care Loretta and Simplify Senior Living provides. Loretta is responsible for all my friend’s medical care including scheduling and accompanying to all medical appointments.  Loretta takes care of all grocery shopping, meal planning, and preparation. She processes daily mail and emails, pays bills, and resolves issues with vendors.  She has ensured that the house and property are being maintained. Above all else, she has become a dear and trusted companion and friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking care for a loved one.

S. Eissler

I have known Loretta for over 35 years. As a geriatrician, I can safely say that no one could ask for better care and attention than what I saw her give to her parents and brother. And knowing her commitment, compassion, and professionalism, I am confident to refer my patients and their families to Simplify Senior Living.

Dr. Glenn G. Miller, DO, Geriatric Medicine

I was lucky to be introduced to Loretta Shacklett and her wonderful organization! I was in desperate need of someone to help me care for my 90 year old Mother who was stricken with Alzheimer’s. Loretta spent a tremendous amount of time with me so that she completely understood the needs of both me and my Mom. Loretta sent me an angel! I met with Sally and knew immediately that I would not need to tell her how to treat my Mom. From the get go, Sally treated my Mom with true caring and affection. When I knew that Sally was there, I was certain that my Mom was getting the TLC she needed and deserved. Which also allowed me guilt free time away from my Mom. My only regret, is that I had not had the services of Simplify Senior Living sooner!

Jill K.

Loretta is an asset for any person is need of assistance! As a caregiver herself in her own family, and as a volunteer for For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation, Loretta always exemplified compassion, commitment, concern and professionalism. I would entrust Loretta to assist with any of my loved ones because I know with her support, their days will be better and brighter! Thank you Loretta for dedicating yourself to service of others.

Loretta is an amazing advocate for seniors and their families. Her business is based around heart. She cares so much that working with her is like hiring an additional family member. I recommend her to all of my clients who can use an added level of support and assistance.

Allie Mazza, Brandywine Concierge Services

Loretta has a heart of service for her clients and their families. She and her hardworking team dedicate themselves to taking care of their clients with heartfelt dedication. They oversee all of the details, no matter how small. You can rest assured that your loved one will be in excellent hands when you hire Loretta and her team!!

Kristy C.

Loretta and her team represent excellence for their detailed attention to every client’s unique needs. Many families are not in a position to be the one and only caregiver for a loved one. Call Loretta to help!

Donna S.

There is no kinder, gentler person, who will provide trustworthy and caring service. Simply Senior Living sets the expectation bar for compassionate service and care. Loretta should be your go to person to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Linda P., Erdenheim, PA

Loretta has been a god send these past few months. She has gone food shopping for us weekly and is so accommodating with all our needs.  She has made life easier for us during a chaotic time.  We are so happy we found her and are so grateful for her helping to keep our family safe.

RLH, Gwynedd Valley, PA

Simplify Senior Living was wonderful !  I could not have gotten through the move to Cathedral Village without them.  Loretta organized my whole house, she arranged for donations and trash and packed up everything.  But the best part was she unpacked and set up my kitchen for me.  I have never had it so organized.  Thank you !

Virginia M., Chestnut Hill, PA

I have known Loretta for a few years now and I would absolutely recommend her to care for a loved one. What separates Loretta from others is that she truly cares for seniors. We know seniors are vulnerable and if you need care for your loved ones contact Loretta.

Pete B.

Thank you so much for ALL you did to help my mother and us through this journey. There is no playbook for dementia and how it consumes a soul so you were integral in every moment from the big transitions down to the small life moments. We could not have made it through without you and mom found a beautiful friend in you that I only wish she could have found sooner and under better circumstances.

Linda P.

Loretta brings compassion and joy to her work in a way that both honors and celebrates the individual needs of her clients. She provides comfort to caregivers, and to those living with dementia, by focusing on strengths and enhancing relational qualities that add meaning to each precious day. Loretta is a heart-lead professional and its a true honor to have her as a part of our local senior care community. I have complete confidence that the clients I refer to Simplify Senior Living are in the very best of hands.

Mindy D.

After losing my dad suddenly, we were very anxious about finding someone to care for my step-mom (who suffers from epilepsy) as well as he did. We interviewed a series of caregivers who did not seem to grasp what she needed. We breathed a sigh of relief when Loretta was recommended to us. Upon our first meeting, it was clear that in addition to being intelligent, well-educated, and perceptive, Loretta genuinely cares about people. She’s been instrumental in helping our step-mom, and our family, through our sad and difficult time. Her brand of caregiving and ingenuity are invaluable to seniors looking for support. She’s been a ray of sunshine in our home!

Lauren O.

Loretta is truly committed to caring for her clients in a way that preserves their dignity. She is able to carefully listen to her clients to assess their needs and provides the perfect balance of emotional support while allowing autonomy.

Jill L.

I have known Loretta, her staff, and the services they provided for a few years now. The help they provide is invaluable. They provide services that are not readily available for seniors who really require quality companionship. Simplify Senior Living provides wonderful people who come to play cards and games, go shopping, go out to lunch, go to museums and the movies and have intelligent conversations with their clients about the various subjects that interest them. They are a second set of eyes for a senior and their family. They raise the alarm as soon as they notice something isn’t right without upsetting anyone. As a care manager, I know my clients are getting compassionate and loving attention from wonderful, seasoned professionals!

Tracey M.

You are in great hands with Loretta. Whether you need an ear to listen or a lending hand, Loretta is always there. She has been a true hero during these unprecedented times, assisting and caring for our most vulnerable. It is reassuring knowing that our loved ones have someone so loving and caring to be their “friend,” and assist them. Nothing is too big or too small. Thank you for all of your help, Loretta!!

Mary S., Blue Bell, PA

You can’t see Loretta’s wings, but they’re there. She is nothing short of a gift to our family. My mother-in-law just needed some extra help with transportation, errands and looking after the house after the passing of my father-in-law. Loretta created a wonderful business that absolutely has a market — a personal assistant to seniors (seniors who are independent but just need an extra set of trusted hands.) She brings an energy to the house that we look forward to every day she is with us.

Josh Inselberg

Loretta has been a great help to me with organizing my needs whenever I have called on her. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any seniors, or to younger people also, who find they are in need. Loretta is friendly, understanding, organized, compassionate, and always a pleasure to deal with.

Louise Simon, Lower Gwynedd, PA

I have known Loretta for many years on a professional level. I would trust her 100% with my family members. She has a caring attitude and will be a perfect companion to any senior in her care.

Jennifer D.

Loretta cares deeply for the senior population and their families! I highly recommend reaching out to Loretta if you or your loved one needs a little or a lot of assistance! Loretta will provide you and your loved one with love and the support you need.

Heather Scurti, Community Liaison at Slutsky Elder Law

Simplify Senior Living has helped me be able to stay in my home.  The past year has been difficult and I don’t know what I would have done without the help.  Loretta keeps my house organized and runs all my errands.  I am eating so much healthier and she has even got me out and walking.

John C., Gladwyne, PA

Loretta Shacklett and Simplify Senior Living took loving good care of my grandmother. Loretta is a compassionate, kind, and trustworthy caregiver. My grandmother just loved her… When Loretta was with my grandmother our whole family was able to relax knowing she was happy and well taken care of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did.

Laura Blayney, Phoenixville, PA

Loretta is warm compassionate and dedicated to the holistic care of her clients. She is a terrific advocate for her clients.

Bob Bacheler, Flying Angels