Importance of Routine for DementiaWednesdays have become one of the best days for Joanne, one of our many clients diagnosed with early-onset dementia who resides in Memory Care. When our caregiver spends time with Joanne, she tries to reproduce the everyday activities she did for so many years to help her feel a sense of routine and comfort. 

Importance of Routine for Dementia

They start their day at the grocery store, an activity that Joanne did for so many years on her own. Since most of the decisions in her life are now made by other people, food shopping allows her an opportunity to have some of her independence back. She selects the items she wants and needs. Joanne and her caregiver share a love for beautiful flowers and spend quite a bit of time in the floral department admiring the selection. Almost every week Joanne picks out flowers to buy, and occasionally a plant. Flowers and nature are therapeutic and very healing. The grocery store is a familiar place for Joanne which makes her feel safe. 

We also go to the hair salon on Wednesdays, another activity Joanne did for years by herself. She really enjoys getting her hair washed, dried, and brushed. She doesn’t always remember that she has an appointment, but she always remembers the pleasurable experience. Joanne’s caregiver tries to provide as many of these experiences as she can for her to feel empowered. These seemingly small outings can make such a huge impact on the lives of the clients we serve. 

Hardwired for Social Connection

Joanne and her caregiver’s Wednesday sessions feel like two girlfriends spending time together. It feels natural, safe, and fun. As human beings, we are hardwired for social connection which does not lessen as we age. Feeling connected to people is so important for everyone, especially our clients with dementia. The team at Simplify Senior Living finds great joy in being able to provide emotional support by bringing comfort and compassion into the lives of our clients.