Simplify Senior Living LLC helps our clients and their families navigate the aging process. We support seniors who wish to continue living independently, wherever they call home. Our caregivers provide daily services that enhance seniors’ quality of life while giving their families peace of mind.

At Simplify Senior Living, we recognize that every family’s situation is different and each client’s needs are unique. We customize our services for each client to ensure the necessary care is provided, making daily living safer and more enjoyable.

Coping with the changes that come with aging can be difficult. Some of these transitions can be more drastic due to health challenges, but many seniors find themselves only needing minor support for daily activities and errands. Our caregivers understand these needs and assist clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We encourage our clients to remain independent, active, and healthy so that they may continue enjoying life for years to come.

Simplify Senior Living can make a meaningful difference in your life!


We provide support for seniors to address their physical, emotional and social needs. Our goal is to support our clients as they continue living independently, wherever they call home.

Our caregivers enhance the overall quality of life for seniors, promoting independence, dignity, and well-being as they age.


Good quality of life is especially important for seniors who have chronic health conditions, cognitive issues, and major life changes.

We provide our clients with emotional support and quality companionship to help ease the transition when older adults are experiencing these life changes.


Caring for someone with a cognitive disorder is a unique journey.  The caregivers at Simplify Senior Living can make a meaningful difference.

We believe compassion, connection, and emotional support are key to helping your loved one remain healthy and happy.


Through education and training, we can help caregivers improve the quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

A beneficial way to enhance your dementia education and also receive CEU credits is to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner through the NCCDP.