What does Quality of Life Mean for Seniors?

Quality of Life

We are living longer… but there is no guarantee of our quality of life as we age. 

Research tells us that lifestyle, the choices we make every day is the major determinant of the quality of our aging journey.

As we age some changes are inevitable, some are avoidable, but all are manageable!  That is if we embrace a lifestyle that enables us to prevent, meet, fix, or accept whatever life has in store for us.  How much we move, learn, stay connected, and live with purpose are choices we have that can empower us to meet the reality of change.  We are more in charge of the quality of our lives than we realize.  We can do this!

Resilience is Key

We can grow that necessary trait…resilience.  Resilience empowers us to weather life’s storms and bounce back to be the best we can be.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not programmed into our DNA.  We build it with role models, experience, discipline, mindfulness, being present for our lives, accepting the moment, and getting on with the solution.  Having a positive outlook goes a long way with growing your resilience.  Those who view the glass half full live seven and a half years longer than their darker-thinking peers. (Lee et al., 2019).

The Importance of Flexibility

One of the most important traits for gaining personal power to withstand adversity and change is flexibility.  Try new things…small things like which shoe you put on first…or bigger things like giving up the need to be right or not having a to-do list for a particular day.  These things will introduce more flexibility into your mindset, enhance your brain function, and yes build your resilience.  Learn something new every day and stay connected to others.  Be motivated by a purpose that makes you feel your life has meaning.

Our resilience cannot be at the expense of others if indeed we don’t want to travel our journey alone. An African proverb tells us, “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”  In fact, kindness and thinking of the greater good point us toward the true north in our times of struggle and give us resilience.   From our hunter-gatherer roots, we are social creatures.   Solidarity with others is associated with less risk of depression, heart disease, dementia, cancer, higher immunity, and yes, resilience! 

Simplify Senior Living Can Help

My client’s quality of life is at the forefront of my services. With a background in family counseling and life coaching, I am able to connect with them on a deeper level while creating lasting relationships.  These connections are more important than ever. They enable all of us to survive and thrive. Providing emotional support is key to keeping your loved ones physically and mentally healthy.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful aging journey!

Loretta and the Team at Simplify Senior Living

Loretta Shacklett CSA®, is passionate about improving quality of life for seniors. Her educational background in family counseling, life coaching, and certification as a Certified Senior Advisor, combined with her passion for simplifying life’s tasks, is an ideal pairing.