Reclaim the Joy of Independence with Senior Companion Care

Aging parents active

Many adults in the Sandwich Generation – individuals and couples who are still raising children while also trying to support the growing needs of their aging parents – live in a near constant state of tension. They respect and appreciate their parents’ wisdom and life experience but are growing increasingly worried about their health and safety. Most people in the sandwich generation want their parents to age comfortably in their home for as long as possible, but that means taking on additional responsibilities to sustain a healthy lifestyle while trying to keep their aging parents active. 

Individuals in the sandwich generation are being pulled in every direction. Their children have activities and commitments, their senior parents have medical appointments and errands they can no longer do on their own, and they have their own work and household needs. The sandwich generation is tired!

Help is available! Simplify Senior Living takes pressure off the sandwich generation by providing qualified senior companion care in Montgomery County so that families can meet their responsibilities and enjoy their relationships. Read Maggie’s story to see how this looks.

Maggie’s Story: No More Cooking for One

Maggie is an 84 year old widow with one daughter, Jenny, and 2 young grandsons. Maggie lives about 20 minutes from Jenny in Lower Gwynedd, and they have a close relationship. Maggie no longer drives, so she was largely dependent on Jenny for her errands, and she was losing contact with her friends who were transitioning into assisted living homes. Jenny was working hard to keep Maggie engaged and comfortable, but demands on her own time started to make that difficult. Rather than take her mom shopping, Jenny would pick up groceries and drop them off. While the whole family used to get together often, family dinners were down to once a week. Jenny started noticing that Maggie, a once passionate cook, didn’t seem to be eating very well or moving about much during the day. Jenny was worried about her mom but not quite sure how to help her.

Simplify Senior Living knew exactly how to help. As a certified aging in place specialist, Loretta’s goal was to help Maggie reclaim the joy of living independently in her home. She began by simply getting to know Maggie so that her services could be tailored to just the right needs. Loretta quickly found that Maggie would love to get back to cooking, but that eating by herself was depressing. Together they formulated a plan for Maggie to start helping her daughter by cooking for Jenny’s family once a week. Maggie was truly inspired by the thought of blessing her daughter for all the help Jenny had given her lately!

Invigorated by the idea of getting back to the kitchen, Maggie and Loretta worked on cleaning out the fridge, organizing the kitchen, and making grocery lists that would turn into amazing meals. Over the next several weeks, Loretta and Maggie fell into a perfect rhythm. Loretta did Maggie’s grocery shopping early in the week, then they unpacked and put away the items together. Maggie would tell Loretta all about the recipe she had planned for that week while they made lunch. They enjoyed watching the food channel together while Loretta worked on laundry and a few home projects. 

Maggie and Loretta also started their own walking club and enjoy 20 minute walks twice a week. Maggie had never realized how good she would feel after exercising. Jenny and her family visit Maggie’s home once a week for a special dinner, and Maggie is always excited to spoil her grandsons with a special dessert. Jenny doesn’t worry about her mom anymore; she simply enjoys time with her as they sit around the table telling all the funny stories about her late father. With fewer errands to run, she has started picking up Maggie on Sundays to go visit friends in assisted living and loves hearing her mom’s laughter and conversation. Maggie and Jenny feel closer than ever and are truly enjoying their relationship.

If you are so tired from caring for your elderly parents that your relationship is suffering, contact Simplify Senior Living for a free consultation. We provide a range of senior companion care services such as shopping, organizing, meal preparation, and more. Your time with your aging parent is precious. Simplify Senior Living helps you enjoy it.