How Do We Help High Risk Individuals During a Pandemic?

protecting seniors during Covid-19

Experts are learning more about the Covid-19 virus and how to fight it every day. Even so, seniors continue to be the highest risk population for Covid-19 infection, and several comorbidities common among aging adults contribute to their risks.

At the same time, we are seeing the grim outcomes of isolating this large segment of our communities. Aging adults are rapidly declining due to loneliness. In many families, adult children who were careful to self-isolate so that they could maintain physical contact with an aging parent are now finding themselves unable to continue due to other demands and responsibilities.

What is the best way to balance safety for the elderly while helping them enjoy a satisfying quality of life? We at Simplified Senior Living believe that balance can be achieved with a practical application of health and safety guidelines combined with conscientious planning. 

Understand Transmission and Prevention Guidelines

Everyone should continue to practice CDC guidelines, especially those who will be in contact with elderly adults. Covid-19 is spread from person to person via respiratory droplets. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposure to it in the first place.

How do we limit exposure while still going about our daily lives?

  • Limit non-essential activities like parties and dining in restaurants. If you plan to spend time with a senior adult, avoid these activities for at least a week prior to contact.
  • Wash your hands often and always after being in public, coughing or sneezing, or touching your face. If you visit with an elderly parent, wash your hands as soon as you enter their space.
  • Wear a mask to prevent your respiratory droplets from being inhaled by others. Always wear a clean mask for the duration of a visit with a member of a high-risk population.
  • Maintain social distance and avoid close contact with anyone who lives outside your home. When visiting an elderly parent, keep incidents of physical contact short and maintain distance for the majority of the time spent together.
  • Monitor your own health with temperature checks and symptom awareness. Do not visit an elderly parent if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, even if they are not consistent with Covid-19.

Safely Providing Services for Seniors During Covid-19

Simplify Senior Living understands that adults who are aging in place can’t live in isolation indefinitely. Because we specialize in helping seniors, we are the experts when it comes to providing in-home help, companionship, and concierge services with safety as a priority.

Not only do we follow all CDC guidelines for health and safety, but we believe that our continuity of services limits the number of possible exposures your loved one experiences in a day without sacrificing much needed social interaction.

When the same caregiver does the grocery shopping, helps with food preparation, and cleans up after meals while providing vital one on one social time, your loved one can enjoy companionship that meets her physical needs and protects her from unnecessary exposure. If you are seeking safe care options for your elderly parent, please contact us for a custom plan that will help her maintain a comfortable and happy lifestyle. 

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