Recover, Relax & Renew

Stress free recovery.

No one should recover in-home alone or stressed. The road to recovery with Simplify Senior Living on the job will allow you the peace of mind to relax and recover stress free.  This package includes up to four hours of support from Simplify Senior Living as we run errands, food shop, pick-up lunch or dinner, do laundry, companionship and more.

The Dirty Work

Errands and more

Prices at the big box stores are great, but the lines aren’t. Tell us what you need and we take care of it for you. Shopping, dry cleaners, post office, personal shopper and more. 


Tackle your errands list

Your passion for cooking is our passion for shopping for the best ingredients on your shopping list. Simplify Senior Living will take your list from start to finish. From shopping, to unpacking, and organizing we have you covered.

Staying Active

Keep your loved ones moving

Exercise is a great way to boost your mood and immune system. It is especially important for seniors – reducing the risk of chronic diseases or illnesses and lowering their chance of injury. It also is a fun activity that keeps seniors engaged.

Simplify Senior Living can keep your loved ones moving with head to toe chair exercised and yoga.


Keep your loved ones healthy

Nutrition has a huge impact on the physical health and well being of older adults. Simplify Senior Living can ensure mom or dad are staying healthy by helping plan and prep nutritional meals.