Out with the Old

It’s that time for your annual home organization, from kitchens to closets. Let Simplify Senior Living do the heavy lifting for your fresh start. 

Let’s start by tackling your checklist one room at a time. 

Wardrobe Swap

Seasonal Transitions

We are all too familiar with four seasons and four wardrobes. Those that prefer only two seasons are after our hearts and head south for the winter. For those that stick around for all four seasons in Greater Philadelphia know the hassle of swapping out the wardrobe each season. 

What we forget is that the task is more than folding and unfolding clothes. A true Wardrobe Swap with Simplify Senior Living includes proper storage and set up each season. 

This package includes sorting, donating, packing and even a trip to the dry cleaners for proper storage of the current season. Then we unpack and prepare your new season with style and a trip to the seamstress for proper fitting of all your classics.  

Wash & Dry

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Piles

Laundry is never ending, we get it. When it gets out of control allow Simplify Senior Living to get you back on track with a stress free Wash & Dry. 

“Home” Work

Managing the Honey Do Lists

It’s time to tackle the honey do list around the home. However when it involves managing vendors, contractors and the like it can be daunting. Simplify Senior Living will manage the process start to finish from procuring quotes, interviewing vendors and seeing the job from start to finish, we have you covered.


Stop wasting time… just waiting

This is our favorite package by far!  Looking back over the last 30 years, how many hours were LOST waiting for the repairman or rearranging schedules or taking off work to wait, only to be stood up. 

At Simplify Senior Living we say enough is enough and gone are the days of waiting and wasting time. For your next home scheduled service, be it an ac/heater tune up, cable repair, appliance delivery or the like put Simplify Senior Living on the job.

This package is designed to tackle just about any project around the home while we wait for the service to be performed. Our clients say this is “the best money spent” and now look forward to the next service call. Not sure what we can do while we wait, how about cleaning closets, refrigerators, laundry, companionship, organizing playroom and much more. 


Getting ready to sell

If the time has come to downsize or move into an assisted living facility, we can help you pack your belongings and get your house ready to sell. Simplifying Senior Living will assist in organizing your home, room by room, while decluttering and donating any unwanted items.

We will also facilitate any necessary maintenance or repairs to get your home “market ready”. Does your home need staging? We can take care of that, too!

The Housesitter

Buying piece of mind

Being away for a week or two in the winter can be scary, especially in Philadelphia. We know all too well the nightmare stories that can happen with frozen pipes and more.

Ask us about our add-on services to help prepare your home for your return… a trip to the grocery store to restock the pantry and refrigerator perhaps?