Companionship promotes better mental and physical health, creates new routines, and really, just makes life better! Learn more about the benefits of companionship here.

Quality Time

Companionship for your health

Statistics show that as we age we should be spending time with others, not alone.  Those that surround themselves with others for interaction, reading, activities and even the simple act of eating with a companion exhibit better signs of overall health and mental capacity. 

Give the gift of quality time to yourself with a caring team member. 

Indoor Activities

Rainy day activities

Keeping your loved one active and engaged is important and getting outdoors isn’t always an option. Games have been known to improve brain health by encouraging different ways of thinking and may also be a fun past time for your loved one.

Your loved one may enjoy watching old movies, listening to their favorite music, or reading together.

Outdoor Activities 

The great outdoors

Getting outdoors is important for all ages, but especially for seniors. It offers a change of scenery for them and helps boost for their physical and mental well-being. Simplify Senior Living can help your loved ones in their gardens, planting and maintaining their favorite flowers or vegetables.

The outdoors doesn’t have to mean a huge trek, sometimes a short walk, picnic, or sitting outside listening to music is enough..


A watchful eye

Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes to watch over mom or dad. Simplify Senior Living can check-in on your elderly loved one to make sure they are ok. We can make sure they are eating and taking their medications.

Some seniors require a visit once a week and others may need a couple times a day, whatever the need Simplify Senior Living can help.